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Welley Timber

Welley Timber Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a hardwood plywood manufacturer located  in Penang, Northern Malaysia. We have earned a reputation for delivering high quality products and excellent service since its incorporation in 2006. With a total investment of over USD$ 30 million, our factory spans over 16 acres equipped with state-of-the-art semi and fully automatic high-tech machineries and 480 trained experienced employees, generating sales of USD$ 28 million annually.


We will continue to re-invent ourselves and provide solutions to the market while striving to be a world-class producer with more development in high quality research and innovation. We aim to further cultivate our core values and boost our competence to be the market leader.


In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we are committed to produce high quality materials for the benefit of mankind. Pairing our knowledge and experience with our cutting-edge research and development facility, it is our uncompromising commitment to the improvement of people, processes and quality delivery. We envision a future by bringing together people, assured quality and services to build strength that stand the test of time.


Scientific-based research is carried out in making improvement and development with the aim of achieving optimum, sustainable results. As a growing manufacturer, utilisation of science and technology is the route to finding new innovation and solutions. By conducting various experiments and tests, we are able to study and improve prior to applying into manufacturing processes.


We strive to excel, grow and perform to the highest potential. As a core value, our relentless pursuit of excellence is the main drive for us to push for continual improvement and growth in surpassing the standards of excellence in the industry.


As a team, delivering success is what our business is all about. We pride ourselves in fostering an environment of unity with continuous improvement, teamwork and integrity. We strive to cultivate a healthy culture with a common mission in mind because we believe it results in greater strength as an organisation


Every individual plays an important part that creates an impact in the organisation, regardless of how big or small their contributions are. We, as a team, strive to deliver products made with passion, allowing people to build strong homes, businesses and communities with lasting strength and assurance.

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