use of plywood

Plywood is an extremely practical and cost-effective building material. It offers many advantages that contribute to the creation of solid built structures with great durability. An extremely versatile and stable material, plywood is commonly used for a broad range of structural, interior and exterior applications depending on its intended usage.

An extremely versatile product, we can find that plywood is extensively applied all around us for its excellent strength and resistance to damage. Not only does it provide us strong shelter and protection from the elements, it also allows us to achieve endless possibilities.


Interior & Exterior

Welley Timber is manufactured marine plywood in different thicknesses and grades of finish. Highly effective plywood has the ability to offer durability as well as aesthetic characteristics that is essential for indoor structural application such as panelling, ceiling and flooring in home construction. Not only does it offer strength, it also has flexibility capabilities making it a material that can withstand high winds and earthquakes. Interior plywood is mainly used indoors where it isĀ  not exposed to the outdoor elements. Exterior application requires plywood which is produced with water-resistant glue that can withstand natural elements like the sun and rain. It is suitable for use in the construction of walls, furnitures and fences in the outdoors. Plywood does not corrode, thus delivering the most desirable material to work with.


Furniture Making

Plywood is also extensively used in furniture making. It is used for making furniture such as cabinets, shelves, counters and chairs. The uniquely flexible plywood called flexi ply is an asset to designers as it offers very versatile flexibility to custom-built into a variety of forms. A good quality veneer is also a key to achieving desired aesthetic finish. For its strength, plywood is also notably lightweight, more economical and eco-friendly material, and that makes it popular not only amongst builders but also hobbyists that require versatile and durable material to work on custom-built projects.



Another type of plywood is marine plywood, and it is used specifically in areas in constant contact with humidity and moisture such as boats. It is built stronger and more durable than regular plywood which allows the plywood to endure prolonged exposure to moist conditions as well as being resistant to delamination and fungal growth. These qualities are what makes marine plywood an excellent choice for building boats and outdoor furniture in coastal areas.